The tram stopped at the terminus. It was a warm autumn day. Leaving the tram we walked down the steps to a lake with the strange silvery structure against the green background.

I love fuzziness, such as on a misty day at sea when you can’t tell ships from the sea, and you can only sense the presence of bulky objects in the fog. The light obtains this ethereal quality with blurred boundaries and one has the sense of being merged in another, shifted reality.

This was taken on a walk in a small town centre in Slovakia at high noon. It was really hot, some 35 degrees Celsius. The town had wisely installed these sprinklers. They were meant to cool off pedestrians with thousands of small droplets glittering like little pearls in the sun. Each droplet was carrying with itself a reflection of the world around. I wish I could take a photo with all those reflections being very visible. In the meantime, this crude attempt will have to do.

Two bright, parallel metal slabs. What were they used for? Runway for model airplanes? Foundations of a giant steel wall? A platform to feed the birds? Probably none of the above.

This was an early spring afternoon at a lake near my place. Metal geometry stood in stark contrast with the jagged rocks. Strong counterlight lent a bit of eerie look to the scene. Rocky chaos and the calm water stilness behind. What a fine moment to press the shutter.

To me, taking pictures is like discovering a mystery. Picking up something unusual, out of ordinary which is sleeping there, right in front of your very eyes, waiting to be found.

Indeed, reality might seem mundane at first sight but that should not become a distraction.

Taking pictures is a complex thought process. Why did I stop and choose this particular section of reality? More often than not I just don’t know. It’s a flash of inspiration, a tinkling inside the heart or whatever. It’s a mystery

Then come the decisions. Shoot from above or from beneath, wait for just the right light for the scene? Step closer or further away? What should be in the focus? What should be in the centre? Should I use the Golden Mean Rule? Decisions, decisions…

I took this photo during a walk with my girlfriend on an early spring afternoon in Znojmo, Czech Republic. This was a city park located in a valley not far from downtown. Strangely enough, we seemed to be the only persons far around.

This building covered with graffiti materialized out of nowhere. What was its purpose, I thought. A power transformer? A service building for water utility grid? I did not know and it did not matter to me, because I love mysteries.