Early morning sun shone through our window and there they were, tiny fleeting specks of dust. How can one capture light if not through its reflections on surfaces and in the fleeting moment of the day?

This was taken during a walk in a Viennnese park. Chilly wind, grey light and no time to waste outdoors. A cup of steamy warm melange made the day for us again.

Early morning with the sun hidden behind the clouds, light gets diffused, morning traffic has just started in the blue mood of Monday.

The Black Hole

It was one of those bright autumn days shortly before the rainy weather hit the city of Prague. Me and my wife spent a beautiful weekend walking and holding our hands in a warmy sunshine afternoon, sipping café in Mala Strana old town borough, visiting a Helmut Newton exhibition and much more. This was one of those precious moments when you believe you still have plenty of vacation time because it’s only Friday. Then it’s only Saturday and then, suddenly, without any warning in comes Sunday and there’s an evening train to catch back home.  

Getting there

My wife had this idea for us taking the last trip in Prague on Sunday morning. A sprawling metropolis like Prague has many assorted sightseeing dessert pieces depending on the mood. Ours was to enjoy some walk in a forest further away from downtown.  

The valley of Divoka Sarka river stretches right next to the final tram station in the northwestern part of the city. A curious tourist steps out of the tram, walks down the remains of old wooden stairs and finds themselves facing the water dam called Dzban (“The Jug”). The dam was built in the 1960s mostly for recreational purposes.  

On the scene

Having walked down the stairs, in front of our very eyes, yawned a concrete structure which was swallowing the surface water. A perfect, fascinating vortex looking exactly like the black hole model in the books of astrophysics. The structure is called the drop shaft spillway and its job is to protect the dam from overflowing and possible destruction. Just the opposite of the black hole which attracts and swallows the particles of matter which most likely will never again reappear in our known universe.  


When processing this photograph I decided to remove most colors off the water surface and the spillway itself. I tried to put the black and grey mass of water in contrast to the autumn colors of the trees themselves. Trying to decipher the secret of loss, water running from the surface to the unknown, unseen underground.  

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I love fuzziness, such as on a misty day at sea when you can’t tell ships from the sea, and you can only sense the presence of bulky objects in the fog. The light obtains this ethereal quality with blurred boundaries and one has the sense of being merged in another, shifted reality.

This was taken on a walk in a small town centre in Slovakia at high noon. It was really hot, some 35 degrees Celsius. The town had wisely installed these sprinklers. They were meant to cool off pedestrians with thousands of small droplets glittering like little pearls in the sun. Each droplet was carrying with itself a reflection of the world around. I wish I could take a photo with all those reflections being very visible. In the meantime, this crude attempt will have to do.

Two bright, parallel metal slabs. What were they used for? Runway for model airplanes? Foundations of a giant steel wall? A platform to feed the birds? Probably none of the above.

This was an early spring afternoon at a lake near my place. Metal geometry stood in stark contrast with the jagged rocks. Strong counterlight lent a bit of eerie look to the scene. Rocky chaos and the calm water stilness behind. What a fine moment to press the shutter.